NZ’s first pod hotel launched in Christchurch


The first in a multi-million dollar chain of pod hotels opened in Christchurch recently.

The new 271 bed “micro accommodation” concept was launched by tourism operator Jucy to help relieve the chronic room shortage in Christchurch.

Jucy chief executive Tim Alpe says there has already been strong interest in the hotel, with 600 international bookings secured a month before the launch.

Mr Alpe says the new short-stay pods offer low cost accommodation close to the airport, with tourists able to stay for short periods between international flights or overnight.

The self-contained accommodation capsules, or pods, feature beds, storage lockers, a power supply and WiFi connectivity.

He says the pods are just one of the unique elements in Jucy Snooze, with technology allowing the company to create an innovative new concept for the tourism industry.

“We set about challenging the traditional service model of hotels, completely redesigning it to remove the barriers that guests commonly encounter.

Mr Alpe says the pods use technology to allow customers to self-check in and out, either by smartphone or a specially designed kiosk.

While the Jucy Snooze target market is primarily backpackers, room layouts have also been designed to cater to low-cost travellers, families and baby boomers.

The pod prices start at $39, with the pricing model designed to offer flexibility to accommodate tourists wanting to stay overnight, or a reduced rate for those who just want a few hours sleep between connecting flights.

Visitors will also be encouraged to socialise and share communal spaces such as the general use lounges, with hot desks provided for casual web browsing.

He says construction will begin shortly on a five-storey Jucy Snooze in Queenstown, with plans underway to roll the concept out in other locations across New Zealand and Australia.

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