Back In Time


20 years ago — May 1999

The BCITO’s new system for theory training was explained to a meeting of polytechnic representatives to clear the air regarding the BCITO’s decision to abandon the block course system of theory training for its apprentices.

The BCITO replaced it with manual-based on-site training, with the employer ticking off individual components when he was satisfied the apprentice knew the theory behind a particular task.

BCITO chief executive Trevor Allsebrook said the meeting stressed the BCITO’s belief that polytechnics should focus on pre-trade training, while the BCITO focused on site training.


15 years ago — May 2004

The new $78.9 million Christchurch Women’s Hospital was being touted as one of the safest buildings in the South Island, with the building being designed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude eight on the alpine fault line during its life span.

In a first for a South Island building, the foundation of the new hospital was “base isolated”.

To accommodate movement of the seismic bearings, there was a 420mm gap between the basement walls and the main body of the building. All that connected the new building with its foundations were 41 sesimic bearings each weighing 1500kg. The foundation itself was a 1.2m concrete slab that moved with the earth in the event of an earthquake.


10 years ago — May 2009

Registered Master Builders shared Minister for Building and Construction Maurice Williamson’s view on a need for greater consumer protection on building and housing projects.

Speaking at the Registered Master Builders Federation conference in Blenheim, the Minister said the Government was looking for a system that would provide warranty-type products to consumers to ensure a transparent resolution for all parties involved in a building project should something go wrong.


5 years ago — May 2014

Thousands of “tradies” around New Zealand were offered a free educational programme to boost their business skills beyond the work site as the industry boomed.

The first-of-its-kind series of seminars was being run by Future-Proof Building to help the country’s 125,000 builders, electricians and other specialists keep abreast of new regulations and products, and widen their business skills.

The nationwide seminar series revealed industry insights and trends, and provided presentations on management skills, including accounting and finance practice, enhanced customer service, strategic marketing, and building strong relationships with on-site suppliers.

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