Protection from the elements all year round


When creating a covered deck, patio or outdoor family area, it is important to consider that the roof will not only offer longevity and peace of mind, but also one that protects users while they enjoy the outdoor area.

PSP has developed the ClearVue Roofing System, a lightweight and solid glazing panel system providing UV protection of up to 96%, while offering optimum visual clarity and strength against wind, rain, hail and snow β€” without the high cost of heavy glass panels.

The overall aesthetic of ClearVue is deliberately unobtrusive, allowing maximum openness to the environment while performing its primary function of protection.

BRANZ-appraised ClearVue is available in Clear, Grey Tint, Solar Control and Diffused, with a span of up to 5.1 metres in length.

There are design options to install ClearVue on new or existing timber rafters and purlins.