The substrate solution for roofing membranes


If you’re looking for the ideal substrate solution for roofing membranes, Strandsarking by Laminex New Zealand is the ideal product.

Strandsarking is a high-performance structural panel manufactured in Northland, and made from radiata pine sourced from forests in the region.

Strandsarking has CodeMark Certificates for Low Slope Membrane and Pitched Roofs, providing assurance that it meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Strandsarking also has BRANZ Appraisals.

Other key features and benefits are:

• Doesn’t delaminate or surface check, causing membranes to “bubble” or rupture and fail, eliminating call backs and remedial work.

• Has two “A grade” faces and no face grain, meaning it can be installed either face up and parallel or perpendicular to the rafters/main supports. This results in faster installation and less wastage.

• The individual strands in Strandsarking H3.1 are treated prior to pressing, resulting in full penetration, removing the requirement for edge retreating cut edges on-site during the installation process, saving time and money.

• It is rated as super E0 formaldehyde emissions, it is on the Redlist free database, and has the Declare label. These credentials make it the preferred choice for living building, Homestar and green buildings.

• Recent independent testing demonstrates it has excellent structural properties, including panel stiffness and shear strength.