Bracing for change: Reducing temporary bracing waste across NZ


Have you ever thought about what happens to your braces after they come down?

Maybe they’re in good enough shape to be used as nogs or utilised at another build? Or, like many sites, do they end up destined for the skip?

Bracedon Solutions believes there are thousands of metres of timber heading to landfill each year, and they’re committed to reducing a portion of that by replacing traditional temporary bracing with a practical and reusable alternative.

However, being sustainable and being profitable shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, so they’ve created braces to save not only waste, but to save builders time and money.

On site, the process is streamlined since all their braces are sold at 3.6m, so there is no need for cutting. And they allow for complete flexibility — any length can be used to prop an internal wall or to make external walls plumb and square.

The slots have been designed and tested to provide fixing points for various stud spacings that builders come across on site. And with a simple dog bar users can “crank” at the base of the brace or anywhere a slot meets timber.

Then once the frame is set, Bracedon’s large washer head screws do the hard work of holding walls straight, plumb and in place.

No nails are needed, and when you’re ready to de-brace, it’s never been quicker. Simply unscrew and keep fasteners and braces for the next job.

There is no need to smash lengths of timber off, pry out nails and then sweep them up. They’re efficient, sustainable, and constantly reusable.

Ready to make a positive change on site and on the bottom line? Then check out

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