Innovative and sustainable disposal solution for site waste


After a big day on site there is nothing more dreaded than the slurry clean-up — often ending with dried cement on the lawn and garden, or plumes of dried cement on roads and footpaths.

Slurrytub, developed and designed by a Sydney builder and made in Australia, is a simple and cost-effective filtering system that provides an environmental solution for the capture and disposal of slurry.

When this gets washed into the groundwater and drains, it often blocks drains and causes flooding — usually resulting in the site manager or builder incurring significant financial penalties.

This scenario becomes a thing of the past when using Slurrytub, an innovative and sustainable disposal solution for water-saturated site waste. It’s as simple as the three Ds — drain, dry and dispose.

Highly practical, the tub has incorporated two handles for easy movement around the site when filled or empty, and it can also be chained up so it doesn’t get stolen from the site if it’s drying overnight.

Slurrytub is the brainchild of a respected Sydney builder who dealt with the problem of wash-up waste on his own building sites for many years.

He observed that the construction industry guidelines for disposing of slurry were ineffective. The game-changing patented design is fundamentally a heavy-duty tub made out of recyclable polypropylene with a cut out at the front that fits all types of wheelbarrows.

The real breakthrough is the single use, bio-degradable filter that lines the tub and captures the concrete slurry before it reaches the ground.

This then allows sediment-free (down to 25-28 microns) water to drain into a designated wash-up zone or be captured for recycling on the job.

When the slurry waste dries and hardens in the filter, it can simply be dumped with the filter into a skip.

Essentially a portable filtering system, the product prevents slurry getting washed down drains or left to ruin lawns and gardens when contractors and DIYer’s take clean-up shortcuts.

Practical and cost effective, it helps protect the environment and stormwater infrastructure.

Clear, filtered water from Slurrytub can be easily collected and recycled on the job or disposed of in an appropriate manner.

The ultimate goal of the product is to engage with all environmental policy, and regulatory and industry groups in order to have retention and filtering systems become part of all regulated washout guidelines.

Slurrytub is now being exported and sold in the UK, Canada and, more recently, the United States and New Zealand.

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