Discover the magic of magnetic latches


Traditional door latch perceptions changing through clever use of embedded magnets.

In the world of door hardware, even the smallest detail can make a significant impact. Enter the innovative magnetic latches from Windsor Architectural Hardware.

These latches are set to redefine the door experience, combining advanced functionality with a modern look on the door.

This is achieved through the clever use of embedded magnets in the latch and strike plate. The latch only engages when the door is closed, thanks to the magnetic force between the two components.

Magnetic latches will be available to upgrade any Windsor passage set and/or auxiliary privacy set across all of their ranges. The magnetic passage latch and co-ordinating privacy bolt are available in 60mm and 70mm backset options.

Traditional door latches often go unnoticed until they become an inconvenience, whether that’s catching clothes on the edge of the strike, having to order extended strikes for non-standard door jambs, complicated anti-rattle adjustments, or face plates getting scratched.

Windsor’s new magnetic latches seek to change that perception entirely.

Firstly, the visual aspects — unlike conventional latches that protrude from the door, the magnetic latch tongue remains seamlessly aligned with the door edge, providing a flush, minimalistic look.

Traditional strike plates wrap around the door frame in either a ‘D’ or ‘T’ shape, but the magnetic latch strike plate sits flush within the door jamb, eliminating wardrobe mishaps as you pass through doorways, and ensures the strike plate is completely hidden when the door is closed.

Secondly, the functional aspects — noise reduction is another area where the magnetic latches excel. An anti-rattle adjustment within the dust box minimises the rattling sounds sometimes associated with door movements.

Cushioning in the back of the strike further reduces noise when the magnetic tongue engages, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

For those with wider than standard door jambs, there’s also no need to worry about extended strikes, as the strike plate sits flush within the door jamb.

There is no scratching on the strike plate as the magnetic tongue is flush until door is closed, preventing any unnecessary contact or wear and tear.

Windsor magnetic latches are available stocked in Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, and Graphite Nickel, and the full range of brass special finishes to perfectly co-ordinate with any handle finish chosen.

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