Setting up for success with a solid foundation for well-being

Site Safe New Zealand chief executive Brett Murray.
Site Safe New Zealand chief executive Brett Murray.

Creating a healthy workplace starts with a solid foundation for well-being — the overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health of people.

In recent years, there has been acknowledgement from industry that healthy workplaces have benefits for health and safety, and business success.

Site Safe New Zealand is on a journey to work with the construction industry to shift the approach to well-being in the workplace, and set people up for success with the tools and resources they need to support well-being.

“We know how important it is to destigmatise the idea of looking after ourselves,” Site Safe New Zealand chief executive Brett Murray says.

“We already work with key partners like MATES in Construction and Hato Hone St John to provide mental health training courses and resources, but we knew there was more we could do in this space.”

This year, Site Safe has partnered with Ignite Aotearoa to give members free access to the Ignite Aotearoa online platform, and a large range of mental health and well-being resources, information, and workshops.

Ignite Aotearoa is a social well-being enterprise backed by Emerge Aotearoa — one of New Zealand’s largest independent mental health and social service organisations.

Ignite Aotearoa’s offerings are evidence-based, easy to access, flexible and affordable.

Site Safe is also investing in the well-being of the industry by sponsoring a number of one-on-one support sessions so members can try out one of the services offered by the platform.

“80% of our members are small businesses who may not have ready access to resources that support well-being,” Murray says.

“We want to support our members to create a solid foundation for well-being by giving them access to a wide range of well-being information and support that suits their needs.

“Both our organisations have strongly aligned values. Like us, Ignite Aotearoa believes New Zealanders should be able to access mental health and well-being support whenever they need it.”

To learn more, visit–events/news/new-member-benefit-ignite-aotearoa.

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