Building a future free from melanoma

A Carters team member wears a wide brim hat for on-site sun protection.

Carters Building Supplies and Melanoma New Zealand have announced a newly-formed partnership which aims to help deliver life saving tools about sun safety, and finding skin cancer early to help those working in the building industry stay healthy on-site and off.

This partnership really hits the nail on the head for Carters, with customers and staff exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time due to the nature of building and frequent outdoor work conditions.

The joint objective is to provide education and raise awareness, promoting prevention and early detection of melanoma across Carters’ trade customer base, within their own team, and industry associates.

Carters Building Supplies chief executive Mike Guy says Carters is excited to be supporting Melanoma New Zealand’s mission of championing melanoma prevention, early detection and treatment for all New Zealanders — “especially since it’s so relevant to our own team and our customers”.

Men are more likely than women to die from melanoma. Annually, more than 6000 people are diagnosed with melanoma in New Zealand — and more people die from skin cancer in New Zealand than die on our roads.

But the good news is that melanoma can be preventable, and if caught and treated early enough, it is almost always curable.

Prevent, check, protect

Prevent, check, protect is the key message to tradies. Undertaking regular self-skin checks and checks by a health professional are the most effective ways to detect melanoma early. Have concerns? Seek advice without delay.

By helping deliver the message about the importance of melanoma prevention and early detection to tradies through in-branch spot checks, promotion at local and national events, and via educational content, Carters aims to have a positive impact on New Zealanders working in the building industry.

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