Commercial Award over $5million


Ross Home provides residential services for older people, incorporating Ross Home, Ross Hospital and residential cottages. It was first built by Fletcher Brothers and originally opened in 1918. This redevelopment was broken into four stages and carried out over a 28-month contract period. 

It included the construction of three new double-storied wings and the complete redevelopment of an existing building to accommodate 54 new single bedrooms for residents. This included decommissioning an old coal-fired boiler heating system and the installation of an up-to-date gas-fired boiler, all run from a building management system. 

The complex’s commercial kitchen, which serviced other operations, had a complete overhaul, and was completed on time to enable food services to continue as required. Due to the sensitive nature of the occupants of Ross Home and the continuation of essential services required to maintain the operation and well being of the aged, co-ordination and planning were a high priority of the construction team. 

This is one of the reasons the project was broken into four stages, with existing residents moving from old buildings that were to be demolished into the new bedrooms which, in turn, maintained a certain amount of revenue consistency for Presbyterian Support Otago. 

Construction noise, vibration, dust and planned service shutdowns were what the residents had to tolerate over this period, but they took a keen interest in the activities.

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