Software designed specifi cally for builders


Databuild for Windows is an all-encompassing estimating, accounting and job control software package designed specifi cally for builders. The Windows-based system is easy to navigate, straight forward for experienced users to follow and very easy for fi rst timers to learn. It offers more features, power and fl exibility than any other comparable software package, and Databuild’s network of support services ensures the user is never on their own. 

An enterprise solution that will service all business needs. Databuild is scalable from single-user systems through to installations with several hundred users in multiple locations. 

The software:

• monitors the progress of a job from conception to completion, 

• gives access to all job data at the click of a mouse, 

• allows multiple-level, date-based pricing to establish accurate pricing at any point in time, 

• has powerful quantity-processing tools to ensure what is quoted is what is supplied and is what is paid for, 

• lets users provide quotes and estimates instantly, 

• automatically detects problems to ensure early rectification, 

• lets users communicate instantly with customers, suppliers, contractors and staff by integrating e-mail and SMS functions, 

• documents creation, control and dissemination to streamline workfl ow, • lets users invoice what they can, when they can so they pay only what they should, and 

• lets users share information electronically with suppliers, banks, and customers so everyone involved with the business stays informed. JobControl As the number of jobs increases, users need a tool to schedule and monitor progress, and to act as a control centre for job information. 

This module gives the ability: 

• to generate target dates for purchase orders and monitor progress on all jobs, 

• to compare actual against target times, 

• to produce colour progress charts, 

• to generate cash fl ow reports and charts, 

• to automatically generate documents and e-mail charts, 

• to combine jobs to produce resource usage reports to prevent bottlenecks, 

• to disseminate action sheets for all staff, 

• to control invoice authorisation and force timely progress claims, 

• to regularly e-mail all suppliers required delivery dates of all their undelivered orders, and 

• to control the pre-start and on-site function of businesses. FrontEnd This is a sales-orientated system ideally suited for the larger user or project homes builder. 

It allows the sales team to create quotations and captures information for transfer to a parent Databuild system. 

It is able: 

• to tightly control what is quoted, and what options should be allowed, 

• to allow sales staff or inexperienced estimators to safely and rapidly produce quotations, 

• to format and produce professional proposals, contracts and colour brochures, 

• to manage leads, sales, sales staff and customers, 

• to set and monitor margins and retail pricing, and 

• to capture a myriad of client information for transfer to the parent system. 

On quote acceptance, the system creates the job quantities in the parent Databuild system. 

It can literally be ready to order.

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