From tanks to treasure — changing the rules for Wynyard Quarter


To enable the redevelopment of Wynyard Quarter from a bulk-liquid storage and industrial area into a world-class waterfront precinct, the Auckland City Council and Auckland Regional Council have lodged proposed changes to the district and regional coastal plans for the area for public submissions.


The two plan changes will help achieve the things people said they wanted for this part of the city, including:

more public open space,

better access to the water’s edge,

a home for the marine and fishing industries on the waterfront,

space for events, and

better transport links to the area.


People will have the opportunity to make submissions on the two plan changes until August 20.


The district plan will guide where activities such as events or shops, offices and apartments could be located. The coastal plan will guide how the water space and wharves are managed, including events on wharves, construction of new structures and protection of the marine environment.


Auckland City mayor Dick Hubbard says the city has worked hard to ensure people’s desires for the area have been reflected in the district plan change.


Urban design showcase

“The area has the potential to be an urban design showcase, a place that is built for people,” he says.


“It will be a stunning new place that will provide some extra leg-room to give our growing city room to move.”


The key points included in the district plan change are:

provision for developments of residential and commercial buildings to cater for growth in the city,

provision for the continuation of the marine and fishing industries in this area,

creation of high-quality public open spaces, parks and waterfront promenades,

easily accessible locations for events, and

spaces for public artworks.


Key points included in the Regional Plan/ Coastal plan change are:

a marine events centre on Halsey Street wharf (north of the current site of the America’s Cup bases),

development and change of use of Wynyard Wharf (that runs alongside the eastern edge of Wynyard Point),

buildings on the wharves while providing public access and continued use of the area by the fishing industry, and

marine industry activities on the western side of Wynyard Quarter.


Both plan changes allow for the proposed provision of the Te Wero opening bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and passenger transport, linking Wynyard Quarter and the CBD.

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