Building industry chief executive to resign


Building Research Association chief executive Dr Sunil Vather is to step down from his leadership role after two years.
His resignation is effective March 31, 2008, and came as a surprise to the Board.

Dr Vather joined Building Research from Industrial Research Ltd, where he held the position of General Manager of Science Strategy and, prior to that, General Manager of Operations.
Before to his move to New Zealand, he was employed at AECI Ltd and University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Dr Vather has guided the Building Research organisation through a period of considerable change and development.
His extensive background in academic science, business development and organisational management have been strong assets in this process.

Among his significant contributions were his role, with his team, in the establishment of Greenbuild Ltd, the Structural Timber Research Company, support of noteworthy conferences and linkages with best practices among international organisations.

He has also provided Building Research with greater transparency and accountability through a robust process of allocating and leveraging the $10 million industry levy with BRANZ, and through a number of significant alliances.

Dr Vather says he leaves with confidence in the ability of Building Research to continue to grow from strength to strength.
“I am now looking forward to engaging with further leadership challenges,” he says.

Contributed significantly

Board chairman Graham Coe says Dr Vather has contributed significantly to the strategic development of Building Research over the past two years whilst the organisation has gone through a major phase of realignment.

“His commitment and his integrity have been outstanding. Sunil is able to leave knowing that his efforts have led to increased stabilisation within the industry and an enhanced focus on the importance of the public good.
“The Board of Directors is confident that Dr Vather will continue to achieve ongoing success in future leadership roles, and wishes him well for the future,” Mr Coe says.

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