Future-proofed master-planned community an NZ first


The groundbreaking Anselmi Ridge development south of Auckland can lay claim to being New Zealand’s first fully future-proofed and master-planned community.

The McConnell Property Ltd master-planned development at the old Anselmi family farm, a beautiful piece of land that has long been a part of Franklin District’s rich heritage, is set to become a landmark in sustainable development.
When completed, Anselmi Ridge will come to be regarded as New Zealand’s first fully future-proofed and master-planned community.

Significant sustainability benchmark

McConnell Property general manager Martin Udale believes Anselmi Ridge will become a significant sustainability benchmark for residential development in New Zealand.
McConnell Property has adopted a unique approach of partnering with six of the best builders in New Zealand — Jennian Homes, Haven (NZ), David Reid Homes, Signature Homes, 

Fowler Homes and Day Residential — in order to share a development philosophy and master plan.
McConnell Property selected the four builders for their commitment to the sustainable building practices as championed by the CMS Group, known as Future-Proof Building. 

Educate the marketplace

CMS Group national brand education manager Jamie Fear says the concept of Future-Proof Building is an initiative developed by CMS to educate the marketplace on the importance of building to accommodate the demands of tomorrow’s lifestyles as well as today’s, thus promoting better building practices.”

“McConnell Property shares our vision, and is living proof that sustainability principles can be practically incorporated into the development process,” Mr Fear says.
“A change in thinking from cost-driven construction to lifestyle solution design is gaining momentum as we realise that yesterday’s cost-driven buildings are not meeting the demands of tomorrow’s lifestyles.”

McConnell Property development manager Mark Gibb says one of the key things about the project is the company’s desire to maximise and sustain long-term benefits to the local community.

“Independent analysis has shown that the project will deliver enormous economic and social benefits to Franklin District, in excess of $100 million a year during construction, and in excess of $20 million a year ongoing,” Mr Gibbs says.

“That’s the sort of sustainable result that everyone involved can feel proud of.” 
Mr Gibb joined McConnell Property Limited in 2002 and was development manager for Highbrook Business Park, prior to its sale to Macquarie.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the principles of a Master-Plan?

They include:

• a place that integrates and reflects local character and context,
• a strong environmental focus,

• a place that reflects and exceeds community aspirations, 
• a safe network of streets, footpaths and cycle ways, 

• high quality public spaces, and
• a well defined architectural style.

What are the key elements of Anselmi Ridge?

Key elements of the Anselmi Ridge Masterplan framework include:
• parks along the two main water bodies through the site used for open space, amenity and stormwater management,
• an existing hilltop tuff ring, wood lots and grass slope between to be retained as open space with views from other parts of the site retained,

• a children’s play park,
• parks located within housing areas, connecting to major areas of open space,

• a well connected network of streets, footpaths and cycle ways,
• a village centre, and 
• a diverse range of housing types to meet the diverse lifestyles and needs of the community.

Why Pukekohe?

• McConnell Property is always looking for the right piece of land with the potential to be developed to their demanding standards.
• When McConnell saw the Anselmi family farm, they could see the potential immediately.

The research that McConnell undertook confirmed that there was a significant pent-up demand in Pukekohe for a high quality development that maximised the natural attractions of the area.
• Pukekohe lies at the centre of Auckland’s Franklin District. Traditionally, it has supplied the Auckland region with fresh produce, and today market gardens remain a feature of Pukekohe’s landscape.

For generations people have been attracted to Franklin’s countryside, and Anselmi Ridge offers a relaxed, balanced lifestyle close to Pukekohe’s township. 
• The Franklin area offers many attractions such as the Hunua ranges, west coast beaches, Awhitu Peninsula walkways, Pukekohe Park Raceway, wineries, golf courses and the Franklin markets.
Other destinations such as Tauranga and the Coromandel Peninsula are easily accessible.

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