Hi Boys, looking for me?


Come on, I’m everything you’ve dreamed of. I’m the lady in red with a cute LBD covering the best of my assets.


I’m seriously desirable, though some of you have already told me that I’m really hot. I couldn’t possibly comment, but you can think what you like!


I’m always ready to go out on the town — not really into those quiet evenings! I’m a girl you can share with your mates, and I guarantee when you arrive anywhere with me you’ll look good, and your mates are all going to ask how you ended up with me. Yes, I’m THAT sort of a girl.


Showstopper, that’s me

Showstopper, that’s me. I’ll be with you anytime you want me and I never say no or “not tonight, I have a headache.” In fact, if you can keep up with ME, you’ll be doing well!


Vital stats? Well, a girl doesn’t like to boast, but my parents are proud as punch of the way I’ve turned out.


My siblings are good looking too, but I got the Claudia Schiffer lines, thank you very much. 


Anyway, I’m the “six-y” one of the family and, yep, I’m definitely hot with long, long legs and an expanded chest.


All natural I might add, oh wait, I shouldn’t fib — I am a little enhanced in the area of husky breathing, but my hidden secret is subtle enough that nobody knows — unless I want to show them!


And the only thing they’ll see is my elegant tush as it disappears into the distance!


As you can see, I’m a little cheeky and I’m fun loving, but I can do the hard yards too. I know when you want to work and, while I don’t like getting all sweaty, I’ll happily help — but you’ll have to hose me down later! 


I can be a dirty girl, but only when we’re together and alone if you know what I mean . . . if you and I go out after work, trust me, I’m much more attractive after I’ve had a shower.


I’m not really into families and families aren’t into me — I guess I’m a little imposing, a bit of a threat to others. Of course, if you have kids, that’s not a problem. I do like to play the Mummy role, but only when I really have to. Life is so much more fun when it’s just you and me!


Can you take me home to meet your mum and dad? Well, that’s your call. Your mother might have her reservations, but only because the older generation just can’t seem to keep their hands off me.


So, you like what you’ve read so far? Do I keep going? Yes? OK, come closer and let’s talk about all those exciting bits that only special friends will ever know about.


Did you know that I can be little Miss butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth, through to one of the hottest street racers around with just a twitch of a stick?


Faster and harder

That’s what I call my performance mode, and it means I can step up my attitude when it comes to going faster and harder. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger — well, maybe a finger, but certainly no more than that!


What’s my dress sense like? I’m not into frills and lacy things. I’m a practical girl and tend to favour fabrics that can stand the test of time over frivolous things.


Of course, a little personalisation never hurts, and my monogram tends to give away my nature — XR — I’m sure you can work out what that stands for.


I can handle the shopping, and I’m not into girly shoes and rubbish like that. I’ll happily haul a couple of kegs round when you and your mates want to party. And if you want to go out looking for power tools, timber specials or building supplies, I just love going shopping for that sort of stuff.


And I’ll bet your last girlfriend never admitted to that! If she did, why aren’t you with her?


Intoxicating little minx

You see, I’m an intoxicating little minx which is where my dating name comes from. It’s Vixen, Vixen Red if you must know and, yes, I’m that colour all over and it is entirely natural.
You know you can find me all over the place — I am very Ford in coming Forward, if you know what I mean?


I won’t judge you, I won’t criticise you, I won’t turn you away when its “play time” and I’ll keep all your secrets under my LBD.


You can go be with your mates and I won’t complain — in fact, I’ll take you to them myself and make sure you get home safely afterwards. I’m very big on safety, any of my friends will tell you that.


Go on, I’m Vixen, the XR-rated six kitten from Ford, and I’m not as expensive as my profile makes out. Try me, you’ll love me!

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