Choosing the right tools for fibre cement cutting


Here are the key products ideal for cutting James Hardies Fibre Cement Cladding products. They are all used and recommended by James Hardie.

Hitachi snapper shear

Slices through all medium density fibre cement board up to 16mm — including Linea. Dust free.

Hitachi dustless circular saw

Cuts all James Hardie Fibre Cement products using Hitachi’s special polycrystalline diamond saw blade. Can be used as a stand-alone saw but is best integrated with a Nilfisk Dust Extractor.

Hitachi polycrystalline diamond saw blades

Unique blades designed for cutting through fibre cement products. Designed for use in circular saws and mitre saws with dust collection facilities.

Nilfisk dust extractors

Can be integrated with power tools to collect dust directly from the source. The power tools’ power lead plugs into the dust collector and the collector starts and stops automatically whenever the power tool is operated.

Features fully automatic filter cleaning mechanism and does not require dust bags to be used.

All these items are stocked by PlaceMakers and are fully approved by James Hardie.

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