Conference deemed ‘one of the best’


Well, the annual conference in Blenheim was my first, and it certainly lived up to the high expectations that were anticipated.
There is an article in this issue of Building Today that summarises the event, so all I will say is that it was one of the best conferences I have attended in all the years I have been frequenting such things.

I urge as many of you as possible to attend in the Hawkes Bay next year. Well done to the Marlborough/Nelson Associations — you have done yourself proud and set a high standard for others to emulate.

On a special note I want to acknowledge the awards presented at the conference. Meritorious Service awards went to Brian Nightingale, Peter Robson and Rolly Adams for their contribution to Master Builders and the construction industry over many years.

They were all humble recipients but extremely deserving, and it was a pleasure to acknowledge their work in this way.
Jamie O’Leary was awarded the very prestigious Life Membership award for what has been a selfless, sustained contribution over his entire working career.

Life Memberships are rare awards in any organisation, but Jamie is an outstanding example of the sort of prolonged and dedicated service that we all benefit from, that requires recognition. Well done Jamie, you deserve it.

This year’s House of the Year is progressing well. We have received nigh on 550 entries this year which is outstanding, given the tough economic times we are in.
I know from my years as a practising public valuer and as valuer-general that quality properties always perform better, particularly in depressed markets where competition is fierce.

The House of the Year competition is an opportunity to showcase the quality of your brand and product, both locally and nationally, and set yourself apart from the rest.
I am looking forward to seeing the House of the Year programme on TV next month. We will be running four one-hour shows in total on Prime, along with 100 vignettes over the year. I understand from our producers the quality is outstanding.

I would recommend to all of you to leverage off this as much as possible when seeking work by reinforcing the RMB brand as showcased by the competition and backed up by our Master Build Guarantee.

Someone famous once said: “Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten” — or words to that effect. It is so true.
And quality is remembered by the brand. We have a very strong brand, and it is there for you to use to the best of your advantage.

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