Sleek, stunning and sustainable


Haimes Building Ltd’s stunning construction of a property in Taupo was the worthy recipient of two awards in the Registered Master Builders 2008 House of the Year, in association with PlaceMakers.

Winning national titles in the GIB Living Solutions award and the Sustainable Homes over $1 million category was an achievement that owner and operator Mark Haimes says was a credit to everyone involved.
“Winning any award in the House of the Year competition requires the right mix of people on the job, including good architects and builders, and a great relationship with your clients,” Mr Haimes says.

The property was designed with an emphasis on sustainability through increased insulation, double glazing and solar heating, a process that Mr Haimes says required great attention to detail and an immense amount of preparation.

“There are always a few challenges when constructing a sustainable home, but we knew from very early on that it had the potential to be a great property.”
Mr Haimes describes the Taupo project as a unique and exciting opportunity to create something different, a final result that pleased the competition’s judges.

“This home has a magic feeling about it, with private wings and an internal sheltered courtyard. It has a true organic feel to it and would be a pleasure to live in,” national judge Guy Evans said.
Mr Haimes says with years of experience, Haimes Building prides itself on being versatile.

“Haimes primarily targets the top end of the market, but we are always happy to tackle any project, from a large architectural home to a deck and anything in between. You just never know what could evolve from the smaller jobs.”
He adds that to achieve high quality results, Haimes Building takes a personal approach to every project.

“We always go in with the mindset of producing the type of quality for a client that we would want for our own home. You need to have an emotional attachment to what you’re doing in order to make sure you get the best results,” he says.

Haimes Building has entered the House of the Year competition several times since Mr Haimes started the company. It has won many awards over the years, taking out a Gold Reserve title every year since the accolade was introduced, and winning a national award in 2004.

“House of the Year is our only form of marketing and it’s a great way to gain exposure. We always aim to do well in the regional awards because, in Taupo, word of mouth advertising is very important,” he says.

Haimes Building forecasts a busy year ahead, with a number of ongoing projects and an entry in the 2009 House of the Year New Homes $650 – 1 million category.
“The goal for 2009 is to achieve optimum quality with minimal fuss for the client. It’s really important that everyone enjoys the journey when creating the perfect home.”

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