Report names BCITO best performing tertiary educator


This is the second year running that the BCITO has outperformed other tertiary providers, with an impeccable score of 100% for the completion of programmes offered.
This compares to the national average completion score of 55% for ITOs, and 52% for level 3 and 4 polytechnic qualifications.
Universities struggled to effectively deliver level 3 and 4 graduates in 2010, with a score of only 41%.

BCITO chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says the BCITO team is absolutely delighted with the news.
“Our consistently high performance really highlights our dedication to hands-on training and mentoring within the building industry. We actively encourage our construction apprentices to strive to be the best, so it is great to practice what we preach,” Mr Karaitiana says.

The BCITO currently has around 5500 students enrolled in construction-related courses, including carpentry, concrete, tiling and plastering to name a few.
Carpentry accounts for more than 90% of all BCITO apprentices, thereby delivering more qualified builders into the industry than any other avenue. The BCITO is the largest construction-related ITO.
“The secret to our success is pretty simple — training occurs onsite, on the tools, where trainees can be directly shown the principles of construction in the real world,” Mr Karaitiana says.

“This sort of engagement empowers the learner and motivates them to learn more. Additional support comes from the BCITO case management process, including individual learning plans, risk profiling and coaching of the learner and their workplace trainer.
“Plus, they have professional builders mentoring them along the way, so they get a really good grasp of where they are heading and the sort of career they can look forward to. Once they get a taste of success, they are hooked, so completing their qualification is just a matter of course,” Mr Karaitiana says.

“But we can’t take full credit for our performance. This success is largely due to the building industry itself, and the dedicated employers who are willing to share their knowledge and pass on their skills to the next generation.
“Industry training is a team effort, and we are incredibly lucky to be working with such a skilled and professional industry. It makes our job much easier.”

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