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When was the last time you sat on your deck, stared up at the stars and wondered if we are actually alone?
Okay, I know romantic thoughts and the nature of a stereotypical construction boss are not normally found in the same sentence so let’s try again. How often do you find yourself hiding out on your deck, with a strong drink in your hand just hoping there was some one out there you could call? Well, there is, and they didn’t just drop from the stars.

Trades Coaching New Zealand didn’t drop from the stars because we are ex-New Zealand tradespeople, which means we know what you need, what you want, and what you are going through, and can talk to you in your language.
A Trades Coaching New Zealand business coach does not show you how to use your tools on site, but specialises on the business side of your company.

However, being ex-tradespeople, we do know all aspects of construction, including the Building Act and building law.
Traditionally, business support has come from seminars, books, casual advice and accountants. While this may all be relevant and worthwhile, this passive style of support has one major fault.

You go back to work with all the best intentions of putting the advice in place and then the phone rings — materials have not been delivered, the van’s broken down, John is sick today, and Mrs Jones wants to see you because she thought the kitchen was going to be blue.

Sound familiar? And it’s only Monday! If Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of the week proceeds in the same vein, the changes you had the best intentions of initiating keep getting put back and back and never actually happen.

The most effective method of business support is a system of active coaching. This means the advice is given, tailored to suit your business, plus a Trades Coaching business coach is sitting beside you helping you put it into place.
There are two sides to business coaching. One side is the areas of the business we work on with you, including planning, team, systems, marketing and financial.

The other side is the support side. It can get very lonely being the boss, but with a Trades Coaching New Zealand coach on your team means having somebody on your side to talk to, pat you on the back when it goes well, pull you back when your direction is questionable, get a second viewpoint on an idea or decision, or just to let you rant and rave to get it out of your system.

Looking at all aspects of business
Our coaches will look at all aspects of your business without the emotional attachment you have when you try and make a decision. They will make a decision and offer advice based purely on what’s best for you, your business, the future and making sure it is financially viable.
By far and away the biggest part of business coaching is what we term the “accountability factor”.

Business does not have to be rocket science. Bring it back to basics, keep it simple and your business will be successful. As business owners, you are the experts — you know your business better than anybody else.

The accountability factor means that a Trades Coaching New Zealand business coach makes sure you actually make the changes that are necessary to make.
So who will benefit from our services? The answer is everybody. There are coaching packages to suit all levels of a company’s maturity.

We can help if you:
• Have an idea and want it turned into a viable business,
• Want to grow your company to the next level,
• Have grown too fast but your systems and structures have not caught up,
• Want to sell,
• Have lost motivation or are just tired, or
• Have problems or issues within the business.

Being ex-tradespeople ourselves and having an extensive support system within Trades Coaching New Zealand, there is nothing we have not seen nor experienced.
I am a qualified carpenter and joiner. One question I am asked on a regular basis is “why do I need a business coach?”
My answer to that is that New Zealand has some of the best sporting stars in the world, but none have got to the top on the back of their extraordinary skills alone — they all have a support network and coaches behind them.

Put a Trades Coaching New Zealand coach next to you in your office and with our experience you can take your business and your extraordinary skills to wherever you want them to go.
The first step of business coaching is to request a no-obligation, complimentary business analysis session which will allow your coach to look at your business, uncover with your help the path forward, and explain where Trades Coaching New Zealand can support you.

There is one major challenge facing Trades Coaching New Zealand though, and that’s the issue of having more clients than coaches — a nice position to be in.
In order to keep the quality of service demanded by the company owners and to cover the whole country, more coaches are needed.
So see the page opposite to find out if being a Trades Coaching New Zealand coach could be your future!

• Next month: Read about how Trades Coaching has benefited Northland Registered Master Builder Darrell Trigg.

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