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NZMBF chief executive Trevor Allsebrook said the fact that the Master Build Services five-year new home guarantee covered materials as well as Registered Master Builders’ workmanship made it important that materials lived up to their manufacturers’ promises.

“Builders have the right to be confident that they can reply on the performance statements made by manufacturers and suppliers,” he said.

15 years ago:

The move came about after a meeting between Ms Harre and trade representatives to discuss security of payment in the industry.

“It’s quite evident that many people in the construction industry aren’t being paid on time. I believe they should be, and am looking for solutions,” Ms Harre said.

The working party was to be made up of representatives of the Registered Master Builders Federation, the New Zealand Contractors Federation, the New Zealand Building Subcontractors’ Federation and unions.

10 years ago:

He said the industry faced a period of considerable change, and that there was a need to help members “over the licensing hurdle”.

“It is fitting, if not overdue, that builders will now be recognised, licensed and rewarded for the professionals that they are. For too long have our qualifications and true market costs been watered down and hijacked by opportunists,” Mr Fox said.

5 years ago:

He said for months the Government had been tipping changes to the way property investment was taxed.

“Its failure to provide any clear direction about those changes has damaged confidence in the market,” Mr Murray said.

“Large scale developers and mom and pop investors alike have been holding back on building.

“They’re understandably nervous about putting money into bricks and mortar because they simply don’t know how the Budget anouncement will affect their investments.”

His comments came in the wake of a dramatic fall in the number of building consents authorised between February and March 2010, a trend that had been continuing since March 2009.

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