Shower steam gone forever!


An innovative Tauranga based company has invented an inexpensive shower top device that stops shower steam forming in the bathroom.

It stops mirror misting, wet dripping windows, paint damage, mould and mildew forming, moisture floating into adjacent rooms causing cold damp fabrics, bedding and other problems — sound too good to be true?

The Showerdome clear acrylic shower top fits most existing showers and eliminates steam from bathrooms. It is inexpensive, takes an approved installer around 90 minutes to fit, has no moving parts, costs nothing to run, saves you money and makes your home a warmer, drier, healthier place to live.

A Showerdome fitted to your shower stops warm and cold air colliding, stopping condensation and steam. It has many other benefits too — your towels dry faster, and there is no need to run expensive heated mirrors and fan heaters, and you can reduce heated towel rail usage.

There are lower maintenance costs as paint and wallpaper do not get the same steam damage. The shower is much warmer as cold air does not get in, and you may also save power or use less hot water.

The product costs around $395.

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