A new perspective in glass


CSR Ltd has launched a new name in glass — Viridian.

Representing a $1 billion-plus commitment to more sustainable, market-responsive building products and technologies, Viridian is the sum of the market-leading Australian and New Zealand Pilkington glass business acquired in June 2007, and the innovative DMS Glass, acquired in September 2007.

Viridian builds upon the considerable resources and heritage of the two organisations under a new brand and a new market vision, all backed by CSR.

Under the direction of executive general manager John Hodgkinson, Viridian will operate within CSR’s renowned Performance Systems Group, which comprises a portfolio of similar environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient building products.

These include Bradford insulation, Bradcore panels, Hebel lightweight concrete and Edmonds ventilation systems.

“This is a very exciting time for Viridian and CSR,” Mr Hodgkinson says. “The launch of the new brand provides us with an opportunity to take a fresh approach to glass and the market we are in.

“Viridian holds a prominent position in the industry and we will be looking to use this to facilitate transformation in the glass and glazing industries, particularly in the area of energy efficiency.

“Energy-efficient glazing is the indisputable next step, after insulation, towards reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in dwellings and workplaces,” he says.

“In Australasia, less than 10% of dwellings make use of energy-efficient glass, compared to around 90% in the United States. We have a long way to go.” 

CSR has a wider vision for Viridian, one that extends beyond sustainability.

“Viridian glass solutions bring light, views, warmth and a sense of space while offering protection from noise, glare, intruders and onlookers. We have glass that provides a resilient physical barrier even when broken, glass that transmits light yet blocks heat, and even glass that can clean itself.

“We want to raise awareness of this versatility in glass so builders, designers, architects and end-consumers can gain a new understanding of what a whole range of high-performance glass systems can do.

“Ultimately, we see our investment in Viridian reaping huge benefits for our community — better, more flexible architectural achievements, a growing contribution to tackling climate change issues, a better standard of living for all home owners and an ongoing and rising contribution to the national economy,” Mr Hodgkinson says.

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