Avoiding the slip . . .


Here’s an Aussie idea, made in China and sold worldwide.

You no longer need a library in the on-site loo — you can surf the net, take calls and when the crux of the matter comes, if you use your Phone Hanger you won’t run the risk of losing your phone to the murky waters below!

It seems living in our 24/7 world that no time is off limits. Mobiles are listed as one of the most common objects that are dropped down the toilet — apparently, nearly one in five people drop their phones there.

The new Phone Hanger is billed as a shelf for when you need hands free!

A concreter from the Northern Territory in Australia saw the need to create a phone hanger for mobile phones.

“The first thing I do everyday is read the news, check my emails, do my banking and, of course, check Facebook. I know I’m not the only one who does this. And up until now, I have been using the toilet roll, the floor and my knee,” inventor Anthony reckons.

“I was sick of dropping my phone off the roll, balancing it on my knee or leaving it on the floor then stepping on it.

“So, armed with a pair of pliers and stuff lying around the house, my first design attempt was with an old wire clothes hanger. Next up, I used a plastic clothes hanger.

“Simple, yes. And works, yes. I tell and show friends my idea, and it’s obvious I’m not alone. Some lady friends have even dropped them out of their bra into the bowl.”
For more information, or to order the product, go to www.phone-hanger.com.

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