Consent-issued service cuts through the BS!


Had enough of the council and “consultants”? Do you wish it was all someone else’s problem?

Is the council getting you down? Are you sick of dealing with the endless questions and the “BS” (Building Standards — Yeah Right!) just to get a consent?

Does your architect/draughtsman understand the practicalities of building? Has he ever picked up a hammer, or been up to his armpits in mud trying to get a house out of the ground before the rains really set in?

Are you annoyed at the string of people who churn out endless paper, seemingly without regard to what it is going to cost you, and the negative effect on your profit?

The team at Fixed Abode knows what it’s like to stand in the mud, hammer a nail, and how to hold the second storey up while taking out the ground floor.

They’ve done it all — including renovations, subdivisions, rental homes and beach houses. They have seen the effect of council delays and design issues. And now they’re doing something about it, by offering to take care of the consent process for other builders.

Neil, a builder from East Tamaki, says: “I costed a set of someone else’s renovation plans for my clients. At $500,000 plus, twice their budget, it completely killed the project, and it was work that I had already scheduled in.

“Another set of fees was asked for to produce a compromise design. So I called Fixed Abode who liaised with my client and redesigned, giving them everything on their wish list. At a new costing of only $270,000 the project was a go.

“I didn’t have to suddenly find other work. Great plans too. I only asked Fixed Abode out to the site once in the entire build.”

Darryl Mackenzie from Fixed Abode puts it down to a practical approach instead of a theoretical one, or just common sense.

“Fixed Abode offers a ‘consent issued’ service — meaning they will put the completed and issued consent in your hand, with the BS taken care of.

“They liaise with you and your client over design, as well as complete subdivisions, including all consents.”

For more information call 0800 218 071, or email [email protected].

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