Extensive range of ready-made flashings


Quickflash provides the most extensive range of ready-made flashings available within New Zealand, which are available through building supplies merchants nationwide.

The range includes base, cavity closure, internal and external corner, vertical and horizontal control joint, sill, deck, Z, internal corner fillet, window head, internal and external corner face, widow side, saddle and parapet flashings.

With the exception of the joiners and saddle flashings, all flashings come in three metre lengths. They are available in 0.55mm Z450 galvanised steel, 0.55mm Colorsteel Maxx and 0.5mm 304 stainless steel.

Colorsteel Maxx is used because of its durability rather than to give colour choices (all saddle flashings are made from stainless steel because of its compatibility with treated timber).
All Quickflash ready-made flashings meet the requirements of E2/AS1 when used appropriately.

This means no problems with building inspections or hassles with having to apply for alternative solutions.

Flashing details can be incorporated straight into plans via CD or the Quickflash web site. Free copies of the CD and a detailed catalogue showing flashing dimensions and installation diagrams can be obtained by emailing [email protected] or phoning 03 543 2145.

Alternatively this information can be viewed on the Quickflash web site, and the designs in various formats can be downloaded from www.quickflash.co.nz.

Quickflash provides readily availably technical support via phone: 03 543 2145 or fax: 03 543 2146.

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