New safety eyewear for the outdoors


Safety gear specialists BOC are keeping outdoor workers protected from eye injuries and the sun with the range of new Umatta safety eyewear which is functional and fashionable.

Senior product manager Joe Martinez says BOC’s safety product range continues to grow and improve. Two of the exciting additions to the range are the Umatta Redline Polarised safety glasses and the Umatta Rev’s safety glasses.”

The Umatta Redline Polarised features dual hard coating polarised lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. The lightweight glasses have been designed to provide style with safety protection, and have an impressive UV400 rating with 100% UV protection.

“The polarisation technology that we have applied to the Umatta Redline Polarised eliminates glare while still allowing details and obstacles to be easily seen,” Mr Martinez says.

“This means that drivers are no longer affected by the blinding reflection of light from car hoods and roads. It also minimises the glare from concrete surfaces for outdoor workers, and allows fishermen to see below the surface of the water. The high UV protection is perfect for outdoor leisure.”

The Umatta Rev’s are perfect for the outdoors with their sporty look and feel. The lightweight safety spectacles have medium impact protection and an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coating.

They provide true colour definition by reducing glare and enhancing colour contrast. The Umatta Rev’s in the tinted lens style come with a UV400 rating providing 100% UV protection.

The sunglass frame is extremely strong, lightweight and flexible, whilst the lens is lightweight, durable and impact-resistant.

The Umatta Rev’s come in a choice of bronze or charcoal colour frames, with lenses available in clear, smoke or brown.”

Both products are approved to Australia New Zealand Standards Medium Impact (UV400 AS/NZS 1337).

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