Plasterboard now BRANZ appraised


New Zealand’s construction industry now has a BRANZ-appraised choice when it comes to plasterboard, with Knauf receiving the organisation’s approval.

One of the leading innovators and largest manufacturers of plasterboard and associated products in the world, Knauf has been awarded BRANZ Appraisals for its Wet Area Systems and Bracing Systems.

Specifically for the New Zealand construction industry, Knauf has developed a user-friendly and industry-leading bracing calculator as part of the BRANZ Bracing System Appraisal process.

The Knauf Bracing Calculator is available to the New Zealand construction industry free of charge from its web site at

“Since our BRANZ Bracing System Appraisal was issued, feedback from the market has been incredibly positive and humbling,” according to New Zealand Knauf plasterboard sales manager John Russ.

“It has really validated all our hard work to date,” he says. “The level of interest and enquiry from the market is growing every day at a rate we are simply thrilled about,” Mr Russ says.

“The high level of interest shows the New Zealand building industry is most definitely interested in doing things differently, and looking to global innovators and manufacturers for inspiration and materials if it gets the client a better result,” he says.

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