Turning up the heat . . .


Aquafire Industries is a company that distributes a range of New Zealand-designed hot water heat pumps.

Its four appliance models secured EECA approval for the Energywise pilot scheme in 2009, and have been independently tested at the University of Otago and the Australian National Test Laboratory.

A typical hot water system can use more energy than any other household appliance, consuming up to 40% of an average power bill.

360% more efficient

Aquafire hot water systems can save up to 75% of those hot water costs.

Their advanced heat pump technology has been shown to be up to 360% more efficient than a standard hot water cylinder, which translates directly into significantly reduced energy consumption.

The appliances use the free latent heat in the air to consistently deliver mains pressure, 60°C water, whatever the weather.

They are quickly and easily installed outside, then connected directly to a new or existing hot water cylinder — due to their low power consumption, they bypass the ripple control system.
They can also be linked to under-floor, radiator or convector fan heating systems.

And if a home owner moves house, they can simply unhitch the Aquafire unit from the cylinder and take it with them, leaving the cylinder intact.

For more information call 0800 AQUAFIRE, or visit the company’s web site at www.aquafire.co.nz.

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