Expol StyroDrain

StyroDrain has a permeable nature that allows water to filter easily through lightly-fused polystyrene sheets.

StyroDrain, composed of 100% recycled polystyrene, is used in the construction process for retaining walls, and provides protection for the waterproofing membrane on retaining and block walls.

Its permeable nature allows water to filter easily through the lightly-fused polystyrene sheets, down to the QuickDrain no-scoria drainage solution that channels it effectively away from the wall.

Alongside its durability, StyroDrain is designed for easy use and installation. The sheets are light, simple-to-handle, and can be cut and shaped with a sharp knife or handsaw.

The product is suitable for residential and commercial applications, and is available in easy-to-handle 2400mm x 1200mm sheets at 90mm thick.

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