Pre-hung door system saves time and money


Pre-hung doors have long been one of the problem areas of the building industry.

Unsubstantial in relation to the overall cost of fit-out materials, the problems they can cause can be quite considerable and expensive.

Designed to avoid those problems, Auckland company Homegroup Ltd has devised the internationally-patented Duo Door System.

Designed by builders for builders, the system is a new way of supplying pre-hung doors that Homegroup says will save time and money while reducing stress.

“It’s an easy-to-assemble kit-set system that can be assembled and hung either left or right handed in under six minutes,” Homegroup managing director Andy Hunt says.

“No cutting is required, it is supplied with stops pre-attached, and it is fully pre-primed. It’s also available pre-cropped, and we have a large selection of door hardware options available.

“The system is suitable for single homes, multi-site developments, high-rise buildings, apartments, prefabricated housing and renovations.”

Mr Hunt says site measures are no longer required, and any errors are easily and quickly rectified.

Homegroup provides a next day nationwide quoting service and a guaranteed seven-day nationwide delivery promise.

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