New rebar tier faster and more powerful


The new MAX TwinTier RB441T Rebar tier — a sixth generation tool from MAX Japan — can tie rebar faster and with more power than ever before.

It works at double the speed and produces double the number of ties from a single roll of wire than the previous model, and exceeds that of its competitors.

The product’s dual wire feeding mechanism increases tying speed by reducing the time needed to twist and feed the wire, reducing the cost of each tie and the time required for construction.

Its dual-wire wrap ensures each tie is reinforced for maximum hold.
The MAX TwinTier’s wire tensioning mechanism firmly pulls the tie wire in to adjust the tie to the rebar’s size to maximise the strength of the tie.

When forming a tie, the tool makes a loop with the wire and then pulls the wire to tightly secure and lock the rebar in place.

Its wire bending mechanism feeds a precise amount of wire to match the thickness of the rebar being tied, cutting down on the use of unnecessary wire. This bending mechanism consistently feeds, pulls back, twists and releases the perfect-sized tie for each application.

This generation of MAX Re-Bar-Tier produces ties that are approximately 50% shorter in height, allowing for thinner concrete pours. The ends of each tie are positioned downward to increase safety. Additionally, wire spools now produce up to 240 ties (when tying D12 x D12).

Added features also include a jaw constructed to tie D10 x D10 up to D22 x D22 rebar. This wide jaw accommodates larger gauge rebar, while its slim arm allows work in tight spaces.

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