Flexible underlay designed for ultimate safety


Hydra roof underlay is a breathable, fire-retardant, self-supporting, tri-laminate, flexible underlay designed with Hydra’s patented Gripspot technology for ultimate safety during roof construction.

Specifically developed for the local built environment, Hydra roof and wall underlays guarantee to stand tough against New Zealand’s unique weather conditions, and meet all local code requirements, creating warmer, drier, healthier homes.

Hydra’s breathable, non-woven, synthetic, tri-laminate underlay enables moisture to escape by absorbing and removing dampness using Hydry Technology, whilst preventing any growth of mould.

Hydra is a heavy-duty underlay with excellent flammability index ratings. Its Gripspot technology increases traction when working on roofs.

The raised texture spots are the key, keeping traction high and funnelling away water.

Consider the complete system approach to secondary weathertightness in the next home or building you design or build.

The Marshall Weatherization System includes:

• Hydra roof underlay,

• Tekton or Hydra wall underlays,

• Super-stick flashing and construction

• Seam tape, and

• Trade seals.

The system provides superior weathertightness and protection of the building envelope.

This secondary line of defence, an all-in-one system from one supplier, offers up to 50 years’ durability.

Hydra roof underlay is BRANZ-appraised and suitable for most roofing types, including pressed metal tiles, concrete or clay tiles, and metal roofing profiles, and can be fixed to timber or steel framing.

Working closely with architects and councils throughout the design phase, Marshall Innovations provides systems and solutions that deliver a weathertight building envelope.

Visit www.mwnz.com or call 0800 776 9727 for more information.

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