February 2015 Issue


Skill shortage hampers rebuild

President Julian Mace says the biggest problem is finding quantity surveyors with appropriate practical work experience. Online job advertisements for quantity surveyors increased 26% over […]

Subcontractors call for decision on voidable transactions

Subcontractors are calling for the Supreme Court to release its decision on the ability of liquidators to claw back payments made by insolvent companies to […]

New building planned for Tetra Pak at Waikato Innovation Park

The new building will be the fourth constructed on the Park’s campus since it opened its doors in February 2004. The new two-storey, 3500 sq […]

Move towards trade certification for infrastructure workers seen as milestone for industry

The civil infrastructure industry has taken a major step forward towards establishing a recognised trade qualification for its workers. Unlike building, plumbing and electrical workers, […]

RMA overhaul critical . . .

Overhauling the Resource Management Act (RMA) is critical to addressing housing supply and affordability, and maintaining the momentum of economic and job growth, as well […]

Heritage restoration project most challenging yet

Work on a Canterbury Category 1 Historic Places Trust building which started out as an $800,000 repair job after the Darfield earthquake became a full […]

Finding that life is no different to last year?

I write this in hope that you have all enjoyed a great and well deserved holiday season. Guys, you should have brought “her indoors” a […]

Back in Time

20 years ago: Extension of the guarantee scheme operated by Master Builders Federation subsidiary Master Build Services to all residential building work was timed to […]

Life’s a bach

With 150 sq m seen as the bare minimum size and 200 sq m+ as much more typical, it’s no surprise that modern housing is […]

Managing director liable under the Fair Trading Act 1986

This appeal concerned a leaky home built in early 2000 by Kingdom Residential Housing Ltd. The owners had sued the council who, in turn, sued […]

5000 apprentice sign-ups an all-time high

The BCITO has achieved another first for the construction industry by reaching 5000 apprentice sign-ups in 2014 — an all-time record. In fact, at the […]

Best practice guidelines criticism unfounded

By Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand president Nick Pfahlert In the June 2014 issue of Building Today, columnist Mike Fox suggested regulations surrounding scaffolding […]

When will the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme deliver tangible benefits?

It started with voluntary participation in November 2007 and became compulsory from April 2012. Of the almost 29,000 licences now issued, 19,000 are for carpentry. […]

Palmerston North apprentice ‘lucky to have been taught by the best’

It was a massive shock to Palmerston North apprentice Ryan Smith-Pilling, employed by Nailing It, when his name was read out as the third place […]

Breen Homes proud to win at House of the Year

Peter Breen of Breen Homes believes his partnership approach was the key to his success at the Registered Master Builders 2014 House of the Year […]

‘Technically challenging’ home takes out House of the Year award

Richard Warwick of HAMR Home Building Contractors was “overwhelmed” when his name was read out as the winner of the Nulook New Homes $600,000 – […]

Waikato Master Builders help rebuild local SPCA

Due to council expansion at the SPCA headquarters, the organisation has had to find a new home, both for its educational purposes but, more importantly, […]

Changes ensure due diligence

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are over the festive season and are raring to get back into work. Some of you […]

Housing affordability — why it’s important to New Zealand

Registered Master Builders recently released a report to identify the cost of regulation on housing affordability. The report was prepared by BRANZ on our behalf, […]