March 2015 Issue


Building law update: New consumer protection laws for residential construction contracts

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) recently announced a number of new consumer protection measures in the residential construction sector. The new measures […]

Government urged to ease restrictions on scaffolders

The shortage of scaffolders in New Zealand risks slowing the country’s construction sector, and the Government needs to do more to reduce immigration hurdles, according […]

New Zealand’s largest residential development officially underway

Construction activity in Auckland continues apace, with the start of construction on the Albany Rose Gardens apartments — the largest residential development in the country. […]

Surf club at heart of Muriwai

But not only is the Muriwai Lifeguard Service clubroom building — which opened in February 2013 after a nine-month build — a modern lifesaving headquarters, […]

Inventing more minutes — it’s not going to happen

So, 25% of the year has gone already. One of the big retail chains was advertising a winter sale on the box last week, and […]

Back In Time

20 years ago: The development involved the construction of a second medium density fibreboard (MDF) line, boosting annual capacity at the facility to 200,000 cu […]

A convention

Is there an unwritten convention that large shopping centres have to be unattractive? I couldn’t name even one such centre that looks like anything other […]

Solicitors sued in negligence attempt to issue third party notice against the builder?

Facts The trust owned a property with a homestead in Queenstown. Davenports was a professional trustee for the trust and was its solicitor. The homestead […]

BCITO connecting employers and career seekers

As demand for skilled construction workers throughout the country is becoming evident, the BCITO is connecting employers with eager career seekers. The BCITO has a […]

Regulatory re-think needed to bring construction costs down

Bringing the cost of construction down will require a regulatory re-think, fewer bespoke homes and a look at product competition. We often hear the glib […]

Apprentice of the Year: An insider view

The Registered Master Builders Carters 2015 Apprentice of the Year competition is soon to commence. With entries opening in April, regional judge Noel Stafford offers […]

Reflections on a Southern region Supreme award . . .

John Gavin of John Gavin Construction was “really pleased” when he found out he won five regional awards, including a Gold Award and the Westpac […]

Harris Builders win national award for the second time

John Harris from Harris Builders was “stoked” when he heard his name read out as the winner of the James Hardie New Homes award in […]

Our people — our most important asset

I have been talking to a lot of business owners in the past couple of years and it’s the same topic that is being discussed […]

Important changes on the horizon

  The article seems to have sparked interest from a number of other researchers and industry groups who are eager for factual information on what […]

Industry organisations hail Supreme Court decision as victory for common sense

Contractors and subcontractors have hailed a Supreme Court decision on a liquidator’s powers to claw back payments made by an insolvent company to a contractor, […]

Hundreds of rebuild workers receive free work health checks

Around 400 Canterbury construction workers have received free health advice and checks recently to help raise awareness about the health risks they face on site. […]

Tendering — delight and dismay

Strategy in tendering should include two issues closely linked to success. Well before each bid document is written these issues should be studied with care, […]

Tackling the high costs of Sydney housing

New Zealand’s, and particularly Auckland’s, housing affordability issue is also a problem across the Tasman, with the City of Sydney seeking answers to the city’s […]

Kiwi WorldSkills team set for trade equivalent of the Olympics

Twenty-six young Kiwis are preparing to compete against the best of the best competitors from Canada, India, Malaysia, China, Australia and Korea in the inaugural […]

W&M appoints new chairman

Architectural practice Warren and Mahoney has announced the appointment of John Coop as Board chairman. Mr Coop replaces Andrew Barclay who will continue to focus […]